Unreformierte Photographie

Aesthetik des Verzichts

So, this happened...

I entered my work-so-far, the Namibian Women project, to One Africa TV's 'Proudly Namibian' competition, and the jury saw fit to declare me the winner.

I'm somewhat nonplussed about the response to the project, but I am grateful for the validation and the recognition. And I am grateful for One Africa for hosting the competition.

It would not have been possible without the participation of the women who consented to be photographed to get the ball rolling: Heather, Gesche, Sue, Nesindano, Shishani, Alna, Kulan and Juliana. Thank you so much, ladies!

The next step seems simple enough: carry on. There are three more shoots scheduled for this week, and another few tentatively for next week. Meanwhile I shall start creating a few prints, and I shall start looking into putting together an exhibition.

Onwards and upwards!

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